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New look for KeeFox 1.4

I’m pleased to announce that KeeFox 1.4 has been released, including a new look that allows you to access all KeeFox features from a single toolbar button.

There are some new features too, such as the ability to search for KeePass logins without leaving Firefox.


Most of these features are only possible in the brand new Firefox 29 but users of older versions of Firefox will still benefit from a few minor changes and bug fixes.

Thanks to the KeeFox translation team, the new version will also be available in three new languages: Finnish, Russian and Spanish.

Mozilla will now review the new version, so it should be delivered to your browser within a couple of months. If you’d like to install the new version before Mozilla have reviewed it, you can find the install button here.

For those that wait until the approved version is released by Mozilla, you can continue using earlier KeeFox versions in Firefox 29 although it will only work properly if you use it in the default full-width toolbar mode.

There is also currently a bug in Firefox 30 which can cause some minor problems in KeeFox 1.3 and earlier. In case the bug is not fixed by the time Firefox 30 is officially released in 6 weeks time, KeeFox 1.4 contains a workaround.

As usual, a list of notable changes are in the release notes and you can see all the technical detail about the changes at github.

New KeeFox user interface design

With KeeFox 1.3 now released* and Firefox’s long-delayed redesign only a couple of months away, I’m currently working on a new way for you to interact with KeeFox.

There are a lot of details still to be finalised but the headline is that the toolbar will be replaced with a single button and all KeeFox features will be found in that one place.

I’m posting this article to explain how you can contribute your ideas and suggestions to help shape the final look and feel of KeeFox 1.4.

We still don’t know exactly when the new Firefox interface will be launched but it could be as early as the 29th of April so we need to complete work on KeeFox 1.4 very quickly. I’m therefore looking for questions and contributions over the next 3 weeks and I hope that within 6-8 weeks we’ll be able to have a version ready for beta testing.

Here’s an early peek at how KeeFox 1.4 will appear inside the new Firefox interface:


You can see a less pretty screenshot, more information about how the button will work and learn how you can contribute your suggestions or graphical design experience on this github issue. Otherwise, just hang tight and keep an eye out for these changes to reach your browser in a few months or so.

* Pending the usual Mozilla review process

Hola KeeFox users!

Fun fact: English reading KeeFox users are outnumbered by people that prefer to read other languages.

Unfortunately English is the only language in which I can write so to help the majority of KeeFox users to understand KeeFox I rely on the great work of translators that donate their time to help translate KeeFox into various languages.

Some languages are already complete and able to be included with the next version of KeeFox but most are not ready, including lots that are available for the current version of KeeFox but will be removed soon if they are not updated.

Over the next 10 days I hope that some of you will be able to join the translation team and translate some of KeeFox into your preferred language. It’s really easy to get started and you will:

  • be able to practise writing English, probably learning a little new technical vocabulary along the way
  • help others who speak your language but do not understand English very well
  • be able to use KeeFox every day in your preferred language

All translations completed by the 23rd February will be included in the upcoming KeeFox 1.3 but any significant new translation work will continue to be released to the beta testing channel every few weeks so even incomplete work would be a huge step towards getting your language into a future stable KeeFox release, even if it doesn’t quite make it for version 1.3.0.

We use a free website called Transifex to translate KeeFox. There is good documentation available on their website but the rough idea is that the text in KeeFox is divided up into about 350 different snippets of text; Transifex shows you the English “string” of text and asks you type in the equivalent text in your own language.

There are two “resources” in the KeeFox project - the “main” resource which should be completed before a language can be included in the stable version of KeeFox and the “FAMS” resource which contains the messages and tips that help new users. While the translation of the “FAMS” resource is important, I won’t hold back an otherwise complete language translation if that resource is incomplete.

Go to Transifex now to find out the status of your language or read on for more detail.

If you don’t see your language listed, you can request that it is added and I’ll try to respond quickly to your request.

If your language is already translated, you can review the translation work done by others to help check for typos, etc.

To test your translation you’ll need to use the beta version of KeeFox but it’s essentially ready for release now so don’t let that put you off.

At this time, the following translations will no longer be supported in KeeFox 1.3 unless someone is able to help out with the translation:

  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Swedish (only 5 translations missing)

The following translations have been started but not yet reached a stage where they can be included in the stable KeeFox release:

  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Hungarian
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Romanian
  • Vietnamese

Finally, the following languages have been added to Transifex because they are popular among KeeFox users so it would be great if you are able to devote a little time to translating these languages.

  • Taiwanese
  • Finnish
  • Japanese
  • Spanish

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll join our translation team soon!

KeeFox has a privacy policy

In anticipation of some changes to Firefox that are coming in 2014 and as part of a wider effort to improve the KeeFox add-on, KeeFox 1.3 will collect anonymous system statistics and optional anonymous usage statistics about the way that users interact with the add-on.

No private data will be collected at any time - things like the URLs you visit and the contents of your password database entries will never be collected. Since the data is anonymous, there will be no way for it to be linked back to you.

Although the collection of this data does not impact on your privacy, I have created a privacy policy to help explain what is being sent from KeeFox so that connections to a KeeFox server do not cause any undue concern.

Examples of usage data include things like:
1) A menu item was clicked
2) A KeePass database containing 199 passwords was opened
3) An option was modified

Basic information about the system KeeFox is running on will be sent each time your browser starts but all usage statistics can be disabled if you prefer.

The full text of the privacy policy can be seen at and you can find out more about the collection of this data at

KeeFox 1.3 is currently available on the beta testing (development) channel so we hope that it will be able to pass through the usual Mozilla Firefox review process within a couple of months.

Upcoming releases

KeeFox 1.2.5b1 released

Version 1.2.5 is nearly ready to be released so beta testers will soon be upgraded to this new version with a few small but important bug fixes:

  • A fix for Thunderbird 25
  • A couple of bug fixes that caused some passwords to not save to KeePass
  • Danish, French, Korean, Portuguese and Russian languages created / updated (some not complete yet)
  • Fix for intermittent failed KeePass shutdown on Mono (Mac/Linux)
  • Some other small changes

Big changes in KeeFox 1.3 and 1.4

Some big changes are coming to Firefox at the end of this year and we’ll be watching them as they develop over the coming month or two so that KeeFox 1.4 can continue to work beyond 2013. It could be an exciting opportunity to make some improvements to KeeFox so within a couple of months I’ll be posting a bit more detail about the changes and what we can all do to help.

Before then, I’ll be releasing KeeFox 1.3 which contains just as many large changes but they are fairly invisible by comparison to the ones expected in KeeFox 1.4.

KeeFox 1.3 contains support for keyboard shortcuts, context (right-click) menus and some big changes to the way that KeeFox communicates with KeePass.

It’s the last change that I’m most interested in at the moment because of the security and usability implications of changes to this part of KeeFox.

If you’re not technical, feel free to stop reading now but if you think you might be able to contribute a little time to review the current KeeFox 1.3 alpha release that would be very helpful.

I’ve posted a draft of the new communications protocol to the manual so please start by taking a read through that. There’re also a few non-technical pages available in draft:
Security levels

Version 1.3.0a1 is currently available as an experimental build on the 1.3dev github branch. Known issues include:

  • Several incomplete features make the build unsafe
  • Installing this build will probably prevent future versions of KeeFox (including later builds of 1.3.0) from working unless you delete your Firefox profile or make complex manual preference changes
  • Only tested on Firefox 25 on Windows 7
  • No UI to manage authorised clients
  • No UI to change the keyboard shortcuts
  • Context menu implementation incomplete
  • First-time user experience not working
  • Connection establishment logic needs more work and maybe better notifications to users, especially for the edge cases when things go wrong

If you come across anything else that’s a problem with either the specification or implementation of the new KeePassRPC protocol please raise an issue on github so we can discuss it further - note that no-one should be using this alpha version for sensitive data at the moment so don’t worry about responsible disclosure, etc.

I’ll add a few of the above issues to github so if someone else wants to help out by implementing some of them, please keep an eye on the issues listed in the KeeFox 1.3 milestone.

Over the next month or two I’ll be working on the remaining issues above, improving the documentation and generally working towards getting a beta version ready for the Autumn.

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