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KeeFox 0.9.5 and Linux/Mac support

Version 0.9.5 has just been submitted to Mozilla for review so will hopefully be winging its way to you through the usual update channel within a week.

Changes this time:

  • HTTP Auth login boxes now correctly state when no matching passwords were found
  • New domain matching rules prevent IP addresses from matching incorrectly
  • Improvements to message/tip display (easier to prevent the same message appearing again once you’ve seen it)
  • Miscellaneous changes to meet recent Firefox add-on best practice guidelines
  • Dutch translation added

Also note that (thanks to krbvroc1) you can now run KeeFox on Linux and Mac systems but we’ve not had enough beta testing feedback to enable support outside of the development channel. In fact to my knowledge, it has not ever been installed on a Mac, although in theory it “should work”.

Please install version 0.9.5b if you want to help us test KeeFox on Linux or Mac systems. There are no significant changes between version 0.9.5b and 0.9.5 so you’re not missing out by moving to the development channel.

More details are available in the release notes for 0.9.5b (look a little bit down the versions page)

0.9.6b will be pushed to the development channel in a couple of weeks so if there are any important changes that need to be made to improve Linux and Mac support it would be great to hear about them soon.

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